How To Redeem

Code Redemptions(US and Canada)

Each code specifies which country of redemption it allows. If you live in the country the redemption, no worries…redeem as usual. However, if you purchase a UV Canadian code and live outside of Canada you will need to use a proxy server in order to redeem the code.


Most USA Clients use this set up –

 Google Chrome with Hola (proxy server)

  • Download Hola
  • Open it
  • Select Change Country or IP (*may not be the exact teminology used*)
  • Select Canadian IP
  • Click Connect

 Once Connected:

  • Open a New Window
  • In the New Window – go to the redeeming site provided and redeem your code just like a normal code.


When using a proxy, there are a couple of potential issues on or These issues can be avoided with the following steps:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Ensure that the small Canada Flag  is showing. If it is not, check your connection to the proxy server.
  • If you are connected,click the USA Flag and change it to the Canada Flag .

 You will NOT be able to redeem the code just by changing the flag. You MUST be connected to the proxy service.

iTunes Redemption:

With iTunes you must have a Canadian registered iTunes account to redeem a Canadian iTunes movie. There is no way to merge a US and Canadian account. So, you’ll have to have 2 accounts – 1 US and 1 Canadian.

Click this link to see how easy it is to set up a second iTunes account set to a different country:

 It takes just mere minutes to complete the set up.  Just remember, you will just have to switch between accounts for the movies since they do not merge.

Disney Redemption Codes:

Disney codes can be redeemed in either country. Please see the item listing for full redemption instructions.

 XML iTunes Redemption:

Once you have the correct region iTunes account this will help you redeem an iTunes code that requires a disc.

Download the appropriate file:

For PC and Mac
This will work for every movie, every time.

For Mac:
Download the DMG File

For PC:

Download the XML File

You can either burn the image to disc, thumbdrive or mount the image to a virtual drive. 
Just open iTunes, go to iTunes Store, insert disc or mount image. Let it do its magic, it will open a redemption page. Enter code, sign in, it will redeem if good. If not it will say invalid or redeemed already.

You will get an error about downloading the movie, that's fine, it's not the real movie disc, click ok and check your iTunes videos. 

  • If you get an error about can't process your request right now, just click ok, try again, you'll get the same error, click ok, check your iTunes videos, it should be there. 
  • If you get an error about iTunes not available right now, you need to close and reopen iTunes and try again.