Code Redemptions(US and Canada)

Each code specifies which country of redemption it allows. If you live in the country the redemption, no worries…redeem as usual. However, if you purchase a UV Canadian code and live outside of Canada you will need to use a proxy server in order to redeem the code.


Most USA Clients use this set up –

 Google Chrome with Hola (proxy server)

  • Download Hola
  • Open it
  • Select Change Country or IP (*may not be the exact terminology used*)
  • Select Canadian IP
  • Click Connect

 Once Connected:

  • Open a New Window
  • In the New Window – go to the redeeming site provided and redeem your code just like a normal code.


When using a proxy, there are a couple of potential issues on FoxRedeem.com or myuv.com. These issues can be avoided with the following steps:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Ensure that the small Canada Flag  is showing. If it is not, check your connection to the proxy server.
  • If you are connected,click the USA Flag and change it to the Canada Flag

You will NOT be able to redeem the code just by changing the flag. You MUST be connected to the proxy service.


iTunes Redemption:

With iTunes you must have a Canadian registered iTunes account to redeem a Canadian iTunes movie. There is no way to merge a US and Canadian account. So, you’ll have to have 2 accounts – 1 US and 1 Canadian.

Click this link to see how easy it is to set up a second iTunes account set to a different country:


 It takes just mere minutes to complete the set up.  Just remember, you will just have to switch between accounts for the movies since they do not merge.

Disney Redemption Codes:

Disney codes can be redeemed in either country. Please see the item listing for full redemption instructions.

 XML iTunes Redemption:

Once you have the correct region iTunes account this will help you redeem an iTunes code that requires a disc.

Download the appropriate file:

For PC and Mac
This will work for every movie, every time.

For Mac:
Download the DMG File

For PC:

Download the XML File

You can either burn the image to disc, thumbdrive or mount the image to a virtual drive. 
Just open iTunes, go to iTunes Store, insert disc or mount image. Let it do its magic, it will open a redemption page. Enter code, sign in, it will redeem if good. If not it will say invalid or redeemed already.

You will get an error about downloading the movie, that's fine, it's not the real movie disc, click ok and check your iTunes videos. 

  • If you get an error about can't process your request right now, just click ok, try again, you'll get the same error, click ok, check your iTunes videos, it should be there. 
  • If you get an error about iTunes not available right now, you need to close and reopen iTunes and try again.


Many codes come with multiple redemptions. Disney can be redeemed via Disney and then also with vudu and many codes can also be redeemed via iTunes. We sell each redemption separately.

We do keep track of when a second redemption is used without payment.  After the second time the PayPal account that the original code was purchased from will be restricted from ordering with us until payment for the unpaid redemption portion is paid.

Even though codes may transfer from service to service we have no control over the time or the actual transfer.  We are cannot be held liable for the transfer of any code to any other service other than the redemption link.  DMA/DMR should transfer to iTunes but it can take up to 24 hrs to do so but again we cannot be held responsible if this does not work we have no control over this.




We carry several code types – see below for a description of the codes we sell.

UV Codes (Ultraviolet Codes)

UV Codes can be redeemed in such places as vudu, flixster, cinema now, or the studio's website. With a purchased code we will send the link to redeem them, usually via myuv.com or via vudu. You will have to have a vudu account created. All our codes are categorized by from regional validity (US vs Canada) the U.S. and must be used within the U.S, Canadian within Canada. There are ways around this with proxy servers but that is another topic (please see “Using a Proxy/VPN for instructions). When you redeem a UV code this will be stored in your UV cloud and can be watched from all UV providers.

****When redeeming an early release code it must be redeemed via a PC not a mobile device.*****


iTunes codes can be used by Apple devices and must be redeemed using the iTunes program. These movies can only be viewed within iTunes and do not carry over to UV. We do carry CANADIAN ONLY iTunes codes – so if you do not have a valid CANADIAN iTunes account, please do not purchase these codes as there we cannot provide a refund once a code has been sent out (see our refund policy).


Vudu Codes

Vudu codes can only be redeemed via vudu and can only be watched on the vudu service. If you share your account with other users, only the main account will be able to see this.


DMA (Disney Movie Anywhere) / DMR (Disney Movie Rewards) is a Disney based stream for Disney movies. Since we split our codes and sell the DMA/DMR portion and the vudu portion you must only redeem it at disneymovierewards.com which requires a free account. You will also receive rewards points from Disney which you can later claim for gifts. This will also transfer to you iTunes account. You can also link your vudu account to your DMA account and it will transfer their also. DMA/DMR you get more for the money. IF you buy the DMA/DMR portion of a code from us DO NOT REDEEM IT ON VUDU'S WEBSITE.


We are a small business and as such, this is not our only job.  Please email us and exercise patience. We are not able to be online 24hrs a day. Emails received after 10 pm EST will be answered during the next business day. Sunday is reserved for family time. We will try to check and respond to emails as we can, but can not guarantee a response to emails sent on Sunday until Monday. To contact us you can either email us at ourdigitalcodes4sale@gmail.com or use the contact us button on the website (Lower right corner of the page).

If this is pertaining to an order, you must include:

  • the order number of the order.
  • Your first and last name